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Board Meeting

July 25, 2018 @ 9:00 AM PDT

9:00 July 25, 2018
41550 Eclectic Street Palm Desert, CA 92260 303 Singapore Court Douglas, MI 92234
375 Central Ave, Riverside, CA 92507 or 6114 Terrace Drive Johnston, Iowa 50131


In order to meet Brown Act requirements, items may be added to the agenda only upon decision by a majority of the Board of Directors to add the item because of a need for immediate action.

Public Comments: Persons wishing to speak are requested to fill out a comment card so they may be recognized at the appropriate time. General comments regarding non- agenda items will be called for at this time. Specific comments regarding agenda items will be called for during discussion of each item. Please be prepared to limit your remarks to three (3) minutes.

Office On Aging Recognition of RAP Volunteers Ruth Christian and Ken McDow- by Jared Katchmar

IV. CONSENT CALENDAR – Action Required

A. MEETINGS MINUTES of May 23, 2018 Board meeting (attach. #1)

B. GRANT/ PROGRAM OFFICER REPORT (attach. #2) – Receive and File.

C. CNA-Director Report (attach. #3) – Receive and File.

D. CEO’s REPORT (attach. #4) – Receive and File.

E. FINANCIAL REPORTS-Receive and File Draft Financials up to June 30, 2018 (attach. #5)

Staff Recommendation: Approve the May 23, 2018 Minutes and receive and file the Grant, CNA, CEO Reports and Financials as submitted.

Motion:         Second:         Approved:          Opposed:         Abstention Name(s):

V. NEW BUSINESS ITEMS – Action Required
A. APPROVE THE 2018-19 BUDGET (attach. #6)

The Executive Committee Approved the extension of the 2017-18 Budget until July 31 to allow for staff to complete formulating budget and for the Finance/Investment Committee to review and make modifications. The Finance/Investment Committee met on July 12 and July 17 to provide input/direction to staff.

Finance and Investment Committee Recommendation: Approve the 2018-19 Budget.

Motion:         Second:         Approved:         Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

B. ADOPT RESOULTION 2018-09 – Resolution To Designate the Board Contribution Account for Building Reserves. (attach. #7)
The Finance/Investment Committee met on July 17 to discuss the 2018-19 Budget. They determined the need to designate funds as “reserves for building improvements.” Therefore, they directed staff to prepare a Resolution for the Board to consider designating the board contribution amount of $82,039
for this purpose.

Finance Chair J. Pye will lead discussion and address questions.

Motion:         Second:          Approved:         Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):


Review of Annual Allocations and current Grants Summary (attach. #8) (8A) – Eva Guenther-James

The Grants Committee met on June 11, attended by: C. Borba, A. Zavala, R. Ortega, V. Tanner, Ann Dew (phone) and Tricia Gehrlein. Also, met on July 9, attended by C. Borba, R. Ortega, A. Dew, A. Zavala, V. Tanner, and M. Gialding (on phone).

a. Lift To Rise (LTR) $75,000 Requested

LTR has been working on organizational infrastructure and capacity. Additional stakeholders are joining this long-term systems change model to reduce Coachella Valley’s poverty and income challenged residents as well as address specific issues such as Housing, Childhood Obesity, and Mental Health. A Director of Resource & Administration position is needed to support the Executive Director in securing and implementing organization grants and resources.

This is for 3rd year funding.

Reviewer’s Rating: 74%.

Interviewed: Heather Vaikona, Executive Director.

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $75,000.

Motion:         Second:         Approved:        Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

b. Mizell Senior Center $65,000 Requested
“A Matter of Balance” – Managing Concerns About Falls is an evidence based Cognitive Behavior Model based upon research at the Roybal Institute at Boston University. The eight session course addresses the physical and psychological barriers that may prevent participants from maintaining a healthy level of activity as they age. The course helps participants view fear of falling as controllable and that it can be overcome to reduce isolation, depression, and inactivity. Focus of this grant is outreach to the eastern CV’s predominant Latino population.

2nd Year Funding Reviewer’s Rating: 78%
Interviewed: Suzanne Spencer, Program Manager and Erica Reiter, Director of Development.
Chairman Borba recused himself from interview because he is on the board at Mizell.

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $50,000 and an additional $15,000 is contingent on having 200 seniors complete the course in the first 3 quarters.

Motion:         Second:         Approved:        Opposed:         Abstention Name(s):

a. Cancer Partners for the Youth Grief and Loss Support Program – Requested $5,000
The Youth Grief and Loss Support Program provides group counseling sessions to low-income, underserved middle school students in Desert Sands School District. Youth affected by the loss of a parent, family member or peer to cancer or other causes of illness and death can share feelings and develop health and constructive coping tools and strategies to build resilience and achieve emotional growth and healing. Program is an evidence-based support model by the International Cancer Support Community. Seeking to serve low income Latino students most in need of support due to cultural stigmas associated with mental health services and limited financial resources.

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $5,000.

Motion:          Second:         Approved:        Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

b. All Things are Possible, Inc. For the Music and Motion Therapy Program- Requested $5,000

Children with autism and other special needs have an opportunity to explore Music and Motion Therapy through classes of ballroom dancing, basic dance movement, voice and singing along with learning to play ukulele along with other band and orchestra instruments for 26 sessions.

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $5,000

Motion:          Second:          Approved:         Opposed:         Abstention Name(s):

Three Funding Goals for this funding include: Communications, Know Your Rights and Deportation Support. $150,000 originally available for re-granting, remaining amount is $100,000.

a. California Partnerships (Fiscal sponsor is Community Partners) – Requested $20,000
California Partnership and Coachella Valley Immigrant Dignity Coalition will continue to build the civic power of Coachella Valley immigrants. Though many can not vote, they can engage in many other civically powerful actions. Together we can promote policy that works for low income and immigrant families. The partnership will provide communications education and training, and rapid response network training to reduce number of person detained for deportation.

Second Attempt After Not Reaching Threshold previously
Reviewers Rating: 80%
Interviewed: Maribel Nunez, Executive Director, California Partnerships

Grants Committee Recommendation: For the board to approve $20,000 on the condition that they accept CNA services.

Motion:          Second:        Approved:        Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

a. Sponsorship Criteria Modification
The RAP board directed the Grants Committee to review the sponsorship criteria to address the potential problem of anticipated increase in future requests. The Committee met on June 11. They discussed how to improve and streamline the process. They recommend that:

1. Organizations funded more than 2 years will still be required to submit an application but will not need to attend the interview. For example: 4th District Supervisor SIA Luncheon, Blythe PAL, AFP National Philanthropy Luncheon, Galilee Center Angel’s Dinner, Rotary Math Day.
2. The amount requested may not exceed $2,500 which is decreased from $5,000.
3. On Item #1 add the following “Sponsorship requests must address Health, Mental Health and Juvenile Intervention and be limited to support community events, not fundraising.

Grants Committee Recommendation: To adopt the 3 items listed above.

Motion:         Second:         Approved:        Opposed:       Abstention Name(s):

b. Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Desert Communities-Requested $1,200. National Philanthropy Day Awards Luncheon is a program bringing attention to philanthropy. The Event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7, 2018, Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa.

RAP has funded the event for the last 2 years.
Interviewed: Gailya Brown, AFP – NPD Co-Chairperson

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $1200.

Motion:         Second:        Approved:       Opposed:       Abstention Name(s):

c. The Flying Doctors/Los Medicos Voladores – Requested $5,000
The Oasis Flying Doctors event will be held on September 29. At the event, medical, dental and vision services are provided to a population of primarily uninsured, underinsured and immigrant families of eastern Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. The amount requested is to assist in providing meals to the estimated 600 persons expected, physicians and other medical, dental professionals performing the services and volunteers.

Interviewed: Luz Moreno, Member, Corporate Chapter Board of Directors

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $5000.

Motion:         Second:         Approved:         Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

d. Coachella Valley Association of Governments Request for Sponsorship for Homelessness Summit on October 17. – Requested $5,000

CVAG”s Homelessness Committee and Executive Committee would like to host a Summit to showcase what is going on in the community. The event will inform and rally elected officials around homelessness, mental health and housing. The amount being requested will be used towards the keynote speaker’s fees of $5,000.

The Executive Committee will have met on July 24 to consider this request and will provide a recommendation during the board meeting.

Motion:         Second:         Approved:       Opposed:       Abstention Name(s):

D. Consider RAP’s Vision, Motto and Website tag line.

The Executive Committee met on June 11, as directed by the RAP board. They considered different alternatives and agreed to do away with the Motto and replace RAP’s Vision with a combination of the Vision and Motto. The new Vision to be displayed on our website.

Vision: The Regional Access Project Foundation’s Vision is to enhance the quality of life for all residents of eastern Riverside County by investing in nonprofits and empowering them to effectively serve unmet needs identified by RAP Board of Directors

Executive Committee Recommendation: To approve the above Vision statement, do away with Motto and website tag line.

Motion:         Second:        Approved:        Opposed:       Abstention Name(s):

E. Decide on Future of Mental Health Initiative (MHI) (attach. #9)

The board committed to the four year MHI in 2014. Eva, Grants Manager sent a powerpoint to the board prior to the meeting so share information about the process used to determine funding priorities, the impact the funding, organizations funded, and an overview of the seven community meetings held throughout the 4th District from March – April 2018.

Staff is asking for:
1. Direction to adequately plan for 2018-19 Request for Proposals addressing one or more of our three focus areas; Mental Health, Health and Juvenile Intervention.

2. In 2017-18, the MH allocation was 75% of available grant funding. For the FY Budget 2018-19, there is a reduction of MH allocation to 41%, Health to 31% and Juvenile Intervention to 14% of available grant funding.

Does the Board want to adopt or modify the percentage formula for funding priorities?

Motion:          Second:         Approved:        Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

F. Review and Adopt the 2018-19 Strategic Plan Yearly Update

The RAP Board of Directors had the Annual Strategic Plan session on April 25, 2018. Facilitated by Debra Williams. The completed plan is ready for the board to consider adopting. (attach. # 10)

Staff Recommendation: To adopt the 2018-19 Yearly Plan, incorporating changes approved.

Motion:          Second:         Approved:         Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

G. Review & Discuss Resolution 2018-07 Support of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

The Executive Committee directed CEO to draft a Resolution to support DEI. The committee reviewed the draft at the May 14 meeting, made changes and is forwarding it to the board. (Attach. # 11)

Executive Committee Recommendation: To adopt the DEI Resolution.

Motion:          Second:         Approved:        Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

VI. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS– Committees and Community Events – No Action

A. EXECUTIVE–Met on July 9 Approved June 11 Minutes attach. #12. Next meeting: Sept. 10.
Met on July 9 and approved the following items which were time sensitive:
1. Grants Committee Report for June
2. Training Occupational Development Educating Communities Grant for $10,000 to be allocated from James Irvine Funding.
3. CV Youth Baseball & Softball Association Sponsorship of $1200 to be allocated from Board contribution account.
4. Approved Resolution 2018-08 Authorizing establishment of 2 bank accounts for Lift To Rise at Provident Bank
5. Approved extension of 2017-18 Budget until July 30.

B. MENTAL HEALTH – Met on April 26. Approved February 22, 2018 Minutes, attach. #13. Next meeting TBD, dependent on RAP Board decision on future of MHI.

C. GRANTS – Met on July 9. Approved June 11 Minutes, attach. #14.
D. CNA– Plan to meet in August.

E. FACILITIES– Met on May 23. Approved April 25 Minutes, attach. #15. Next meeting on July 25 immediately following the Board Meeting.
F. NOMINATION – Tentatively to meet in October 2018.
G. GOVERNANCE – Met on June 12 and plan to meet next in September.

H. FINANCE AND INVESTMENT – Met on July 12 and July 17. Approved Minutes of Jan. 19, 2018 (attach #16).
I. AUDIT – Will meet late spring 2019. Currently in 2nd year of 3 year Agreement.


  • UCR Certificate of Nonprofit Management Certificate Programs (Intro. and Advanced)
    Graduation to be held on July 27, 2 PM at UCR Palm Desert
  •  Plaque honoring Sylvia Salk.
  •  Ann Dew would like to present idea for seeking donor to name a room after Corky Larson and possibly others who have made significant contributions to RAP.

CEO Annual Performance – Executive Committee reviewed Evaluation Process completed by Board Chair and Vice-Chair on June 11. Will provide update to the board of process and decisions made. Seeking board ratification.

IX. ADJOURNMENT: Next meeting is September 26, 2018 at 9:00 AM at 41550 Eclectic St. Palm Desert.
Agenda Posting: Agendas will be posted on the Foundation website – www.rapfoundation.org – a minimum of 72 hours prior to the meeting date. All public record documents for matters on the open session of the Agenda are available for inspection at the meeting listed in this Agenda, and at the following location three (3) days prior to the meeting date: Regional Access Project Foundation, 41550 Eclectic St. Palm Desert, CA 92260. If a public record document that relates to a matter on the open session of the Agenda is distributed less than 72 hours prior to the meeting date, the public record document shall be available for inspection, at the same time it is distributed, at the address listed above. Upon request, this agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.



July 25, 2018
9:00 AM